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October 20, 2008


joel Frederick




Way to go, buddy!!


You're awesome, Rob!

Denise Schowe

Way to go Rob! Amazing as I have watched your blog and was rooting for you in spirit on Sunday. Congratulations!


Solid effort, congrats! If you get a chance stop by my forum to review the race, www.runcolo.com/forum



Congrats, Rob! You are running enough for a whole bunch of us!

I saw lots of spiritual significance in your experience in this-which I hope you will just include in sermons so I don't have to go throuh it myself! :)

Carol Ann

Ahem, I respectfully am reminding you that you mentioned to me that you might be posting more frequently about various topics? :-) Post away, baby, post away!

Note: All that said, I am tremendously proud of you for the determination and dedication to run this marathon and for the unswerving focus you had for the training. I love you! ~ your favorite (and only) wife

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