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September 11, 2008



confusion . . . weeping . . . denial . . . weeping . . . gnashing of teeth . . . bargaining with God . . . weeping . despair . hopelessness.

Carol Ann

I love it! Let's totally do this at Northern Hills! Dan? Rocky? Neva? what do you think - it will bring our Praise and Worship to a whole new level....

Oh, my goodness, I'm embarressed for these people. What in the world! :-)

Tulip Girl

I am speechless however, I might pay money to see Carol Ann, Neva and Rocky and Dan take this on!

Joe Vasquez

I had to stop it towards the beginning. The cheese factor was making my cholesterol shoot through the roof! I am feeling a little nauseous and need to lay down...I now need a hug. Never show this again!

A concerned citizen :) (jr)

I endured to the end, where I found that it was from The Way International, an organization started by the parents of a friend of mine. He is a believer and says they are a cult and that could explain this. Eeks.


I really had to look twice at this...I thought Rob, Carol Ann and Maxine were showing us a sample of their side business...

Seriously though, between this and Carol Ann's fly video, the Kelly's have gone to the dogs... :)


excellent. just excellent. :)



The girl on the left looks an awful lot like Mandy B. Are you sure this isn't some NHCC side gig? We're new here, so it wouldn't surprise me!

neva lamb

Ok, this actually reminds me of my days at Liberty. I think this happens when Christians try to break out of the mold with no create director or someone who has not actually gone outside "into the world" since 1982. I think I might have to start a cause on this, help this church get a creative director! Someone, leave the 4 walls and see what is going on outside of them!!


They took the dance video off of youtube.com. Where can I turn to for my inspiritation? What can I watch that will make me feel better about myself becuase there are people in the world that take these kinds of things seriously...woe is me.

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