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July 10, 2008


Adam G.

Sorry, I start at 15% and go up or down from there. In general I think I do pretty good about tipping...but I'm bivocational instead of full-time, so maybe....



Wow, in Germany they tip much less, generally under 10% - but I think waiters earn more than in the USA.

I like your last tipping tip. My wife and I went out to dinner at a small restaurant during the European soccer championships a few weeks ago. They didn't have a TV, so the place was empty. We kind of figured that we would be the only one tipping the poor waitress that night, so we were sure to make it worthwhile for her to show up for work that night!


Amen to good tipping!!!


I have paid more than double for my meal, too, but oddly enough-the others involved thought they were being really super dooper generous. Even plain old church people are crappy tippers. In fact, too many times I have heard "God doesn't get more than 10%, no waitress should either!" %^%$??

But I like 20% because it is easier to figure than 18%.


Very funny! I have totally been in those "everybody pitch in" dinners.They suck. Not only that someone most always thinks its funny to put the tip in an upside down glass of water so when the server recieves it it makes a mess and is wet. Thats fun. :)

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