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June 17, 2008


Adam G.

It isn't very popular at all these days to suggest something as strong as God breaking bones. Yes, some depict God as though He had His finger hovering over the "smite" key on a computer, waiting to punish. Others blame God when trouble strikes (sometimes bad things just happen in a fallen world). Sometimes, though, I think it might be a healthy option to view hardships we bring on ourselves as chastisement.

Nearly 9 years ago someone hurt me very badly in a relationship. Since that time I serves as a missionary in Brazil, a minister in a church, married and had kids, etc. She also carried on with her life, very successfully. All the while I carried the grudge. Only last week I finally worked up the courage to contact her and offer forgiveness. I found that however wrong she had been, my fault was greater. I suspect that many of my struggles over the past several years have stemmed from my lack of forgiveness and, consequently, God's hand heavy upon me.

Sorry for the long first comment to your blog. You touched a nerve here, and it was good. Thanks.


Hey Adam,

I really appreciate your thoughts and insight. It is so important that people know and experience God's grace. But I believe sometimes that grace is in the form of a heavy hand. It all stems from His desire to transform his life.

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