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June 19, 2008


Adam G.

Thanks for giving credit. It's appreciated.

The prosperity gospel is running rampant in Brazil, the country where I served and hope to serve again as a missionary. There are entire denominations there that do nothing but spew gimics for getting God to give you what you want or need. In a Third World nation this can have devastating consequences for people and entire families.

Here are some examples:

People are told to give a "halocaust offering," which consists of one month's salary, to the church. In return God will give you anything you want.

One woman I know of in Brazil "learned" at church that she should act on faith, buying everything she wanted, because God would honor her faith by providing for her. The family was scraping by on minimum wage (in Brazil at that time around $100 a month), but she bought all new furniture on extended payment plans. After maxing out their credit and several months passing without her "miracle" coming, her unbeliever husband left her.

They have some odd little methods for attracting people with novelty:

Some Brazilian prosperity churches here in NJ have told people to bring in vials of olive oil to be blessed and used for healing, but there will also be offerings taken up during the service if you want to be sure of God's blessing and healing.

There is a "parachute of blessing." After a long praise service and preaching, people walk beneath the parachute to be releaved on any curses or the "evil eye."

Sorry for the long comment. The Brazilian people are close to my heart, and this doctrine is hurting many of them.


2 Cor 1:5
You can be sure that the more we undergo sufferings for Christ, the more he will shower us with his comfort and encouragement.

The implied opposite of this is the more prosperity we experience the more distance between us and Jesus.

Can I just say plainly that the blab it and grab it 'gospel' SUCKS!

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