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February 14, 2008



"I was always on the lookout for a Valentine card that said,"Happy Valentines Day. I am only giving you this card because the teacher and my mom said that I had to. In no way do I have any feelings for you whatsoever!" Surprisingly, I have yet to find that card."

Now THAT is funny!

You are, by Carol Ann's declaration, one of the great romantics! Go, Rob!

Big Daddy

Sounds like you may have found your niche! Writing V-day cards for fourth graders, you could make millions...lol! This year snuck up on me kinda. I started a tradition of making breakfast for all my girls and having flowers at their place at the table. (BTW this is getting expensive with each new daughter!)I know it sounds like everyone else, but I am like you and cant stand flowers and cards, but my wife knows that. I think it's silly to buy dead flowers for someone! But because she knows I don't like it, when I do get flowers it always touches her heart. Anyway, way to keep the bar hi brother!


I can totally relate to the 4th-grade Valentine drama, probably why my wife never gets a card on V-Day. I tend to try to make every day V-Day for my wife, at least in expressing my love for her and making her feel special. For us V-Day is more an excuse to go out to eat or do something together at least. This year I skipped my run and went with my wife shopping (which I hate to do). We had a great time!

Jenny Freyta

Ahhhh, love those elementary school valentine memories. I would always pick through and find the most lovey dovey one, and give it to the guy I thought was cute. Then every single other one that I gave to guys had to be strictly platonic, or as platonic as Valentine's get. They really should have a card that says what you suggest, it would help kids out! :)

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