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January 23, 2008



Very cool blog entry!! The History of Baseball!!!! Where was that when I was in college??


Jason and I were just talking last night how each of your girls is sooo unique. It really reflects the parenting skills of letting them be themsleves and loving them for who they are. We hope to learn tons from you and CAK as we have more of our own one day!

carol ann

Being the other half to your parenting role, I couldn't agree more! Our girls amaze me and to have had the privilege of raising them with you has been a joy beyond compare! I've loved every season.

Jenny Freyta

I loved this blog! As I get closer to labor, I get a little scared sometimes at how I'll be able to handle parenting, but this just reaffirms my first emotions- that it will be so awesome, and that the joys will outweigh the hard times. Thanks Rob!


I sit here at 4:00 in the morning of the day we fly to Orlando to make memories with our kids, tears running down my face. I only hope that Steve and I are half the parents that you and CAK are!

God has blessed your family in so many ways, thanks for sharing this.

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