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September 11, 2007


Joel Frederick

Well said... Also something I have been cautious about. I haven't been "accessed" for many years and prefer it that way, as long as it is not an excuse to do nothing!

Life on the edge!


Hey, how do I take one of those quick little test thingies to know exactly where I stand, where I fit in? I wanna know right now - foot stamping - right now!


Yeah-so, about a year ago, I think the Holy Spirit actually told me I wasn't allowed to take any more of those tests until further notice because I was always (pridefully) "going for the grade"...trying to impress the Teacher. I LOVE those things!

But, alas, what I THINK what He was telling ME was, "They're My gifts and I'll let you use them to bless other people as I see fit, when I see fit - get over your possessive self."

If He tells you anything different for me - you'll let me know, right, Rob?

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