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August 02, 2007


Joel Frederick

Preach it Rob!

Thought provoking and convicting!


Oh, preach it brother!! This type of preaching is what America needs, in regards to social issues, political issues, etc, and especially in regards to the love and grace of God. Not enough churches (by a long shot!!) preach 'repent and trust'. They show the ooey gooey (spelling??) God will make you happy, you'll have everything you want, you'll be financially well-off, etc, false God, instead of the great and mighty and wonderful God of the bible. Ok , I'm off my soapbox for now. I love you, brother!


i love when you go off. do it more often.


Ok, ok, I hear you and you are right. Church printings need to lighten up. It's like churches think it makes them seem more important or on the ball to have a huge pile of glossy pictures and promotionals. I think the best advertising is done in the bathroom stalls, for sure!

BUT where was my sermon note page yesterday??????


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