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July 31, 2007



Oh, preach it brother!!! Open our eyes, make us see, hit those uncomfortable chords, convict us for the glory of Christ!!!

carol ann

I do agree with Chris' sentiments, however, on another note, as I sit here drinking my bottled water that you bought for me (smile)I wonder, why can't I scrobble (from your previous post, obviously). Why does Rob get to scrobble and I don't? I have blog envy and wish my list of "recently played" appeared on my blog, but I have to upgrade to do so...so, what say you - let's set up a date and you can bring my blog up to speed with your blog. Don't leave me hanging out back in the dark ages of blogness!

And, please don't post a blog about "coveting thy husband's blog"... (Sigh)

I do love you more than ever - and I do love your insights, even if they cause me envy!

Your loving wife!


Youch! I never even thought about bottled water in that context Rob. Thanks for the Holy Slap! :)

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