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June 21, 2007


Big Mo

Rob - Hi - I found your site through Greg Stier's blog. (I go to Dare2Share and have been three times now as a crazy adult youth ministry volunteer.)

This post caught my eye because I've got a little web site of my own where I am researching each of the presidents in order that they served. I'm evaluating each in terms of how successful each was, how each used executive authority, how each became president, etc. I'me avoiding "ranking" each against each other because that ultimately tells me nothing about each man.

Anyway, as you realized with the bio you read on Lincoln, there's much more to the man than the "statue" we've all grown up with -- just as I've discovered there's a lot more to all of these presidents. I'm not quite to Lincoln yet, as I just published my report on Millard Fillmore (a much better president than "history" says he was) but if you're interested, check out my site in about a month to see what I say about ol' Honest Abe.

Cheers and God bless!


P.S. - David Crowder Band rocks.

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