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April 23, 2007


Randy Shaw

This is another possibility to ponder oh ye of yankee pride. If a-rod keeps up the pace that he is doing this year,not only will he dethrone Bonds as all time (until Pujols takes it) he also will get the single season record as well. Both Pujols and a-rod will have more than Bonds when all is said and done. I think Bonds is done at the end of the year just because he broke the record and will call it quits.. RANDY


AMEN, BROTHER!!!!! I'm rooting for A-Rod all the way (and possibly a tiny injury to Bonds that keeps him from playing ((is that bad??)) Don't even get me started on the "juice" thing!! I love your perspective and I'm buying it 100%. Love you, man!


I can hardly contain my excitement! :-)


where is the call for the astricks?

in either case.. a-rod is doing well.. but he prob will not be part of the yanks to do it.. stupid fans... never givin him the love he deserves


Randy - At the arte A-Rod is going I may be year off! Not sure Pujols will stay healthy enough to get there.

Chris - I'll keep preachin it. Yoe keep "amenin" it!

Wife - contain yourself!

Chang - Astricks? Hmmm... maybe. The NY fans may miss him come next year.

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