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January 10, 2007


joel frederick

I have enjoyed Jesus Creed and Kem Meyer as well. I would rate willzhead over GodPolitics, however. I do like Jim Wallis' thoughts however.


i like it...

the music is spot on...

no books here.. cause i can't read ... actually...

the cost of discipleship is destroying me .. i need to re-read cs lewis 'problem of pin' just to cheer myself up

Kem Meyer

Wow, Rob. I just found your post and the Cerebral Cortex award. I feel like I should call my mom and dad (so they can print it off and hang it on the frig). I made the list! It's a big deal. But, then, right before I pick up the phone...I read your post about Boasting. Man, now I'm stuck. Thanks for the acknowledgement. You've got a great blog. It stretches people. I like that.

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