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December 06, 2006



Uh, I admit, my default is not mission-minded.


Rob, you bring up a good point, as well set up perimeters for other points as well. First we must separate the people from the culture. Cultures in theory may work, and people have free-will. That freedom is coupled with sin. I know this isn't algebra, but C+P(s)=World. So it then depends on if we define world as people or culture. I think there is a distinct difference in scripture between the two. I agree that we (Christians) forget often to be missional; I am reading a book in the JB Leadership series, "The Present Future" and this is stated quite well there. But something I have always struggled with is that the Pharisees and the "rich man" were people too. At what point do we "move on" from those who won't listen? And two, at what point have we (Christians) caused the world to not listen? And finally is it the "culture" we are told to turn from with a renewal of our mind, or can we embrace and use it to further the Kingdom? I have been blogging this very topic in attempts to find some wisdom on the issue. While I know, quite clearly, the mission for people(young people specifically) is what God has called me for, I love the freedom of riding motorcycles. I have grown up in my own culture that says it has to be a Harley. So can the two co-exist? Now just fill in the “Harley” with iPod, Gap, Nike or whatever. Finally how do we motivate the “church” to become mission-minded instead of member-minded? Mind you I am no scholar, so this is a search and not a stance for me. Sorry this is so long, and glad to see you back Rob.


Great points Josh. I am right there with you in the search.

The question was really born out of hearing a person speak critically of the behavior of a group of people who were not Jesus followers. They were offended and wanted them to act like, well... Christians. And the whole time I am listening to the rant, I am thinking "how do you expect them to act if they don't know Jesus?"

It was kind of like Jonah's initial opinion of the people in Nineveh.

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