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November 17, 2006



Evil world. Risen Savior. Amazing grace.
Puny human, inner anger, incredible hulk!
Excuses are many and armpits stink!
From Adam, Eve. Side not foot.
Bongo, rock, bit, tape, cow, phone.

Ok that last one was just a random list of what is hanging around my office. (which if you know me, actually does tell a story)
I really loved yours Rob. My favorite is "Bliss" (i just named it for you..lol) Thanks for the link. I had a great time at the Garage.


Driving to work, sunrise, detour taken.
Walking together, tripped,laughter, memories made.
Facing the storm, never looked back.
Falling, spiraling down, I woke up.
Bored. Silence. Then he walked in...
Backpack slung, Emily smiled and entered.
Travelocity, airports, sun filled umbrella days.


•Nervous heartbeats matching poison drips. Knock!

•Stuffing turkey and pie . . . family tension.

•What is this red button for?

•Unfortunately Mrs. Gilley your husband has . . .

•Asad enact the plan . . . praise Allah!


Trip, fall, forgiven. Repeat when necessary!

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