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November 25, 2006



Rob and CAK,
My family and I will pray for yous guys in our morning prayer time before we go to church tomorrow. (travel,safety,ministry, etc). I will try to make enough noise over at my blog to give the appearance of activity here. Looking forward to hearing all about Brazil and the little ways God will reveal Himself to you every day you are there. Oh yeah, and have fun!


Have a great trip, buddy!! We miss you guys!!


enjoy your trip fellas


So, by habit I've checked your blog several times since you left and I just got the John Denver reference...doh! Hope you "had" a great trip!

Mariana and Dan

Are your bags unpacked yet? :)

We LOVED to have you guys here in Brazil!!
It was SO much fun!! And such an honor!

So when are you gonna post about the trip?!

We love you and miss you! :)

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