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September 13, 2006



I think you know....think of fruit, apples, apple....iPod, NEW......Yep, I think you know!


Share an ear? Lame, lame, lame....at least make a phone call...to anybody, I don't care, make it LOOK like you are scurrying to her rescue!

Jeff Ulrich

Get out the eight tracks. :)


the new ipods are out.. cheaper and better.

Jenny Freyta

I'm still curious as to how the new golf clubs will help. Brandon always mentions that as a source of encouragement(?) to me in times of distress, hmmm. I think you should steal Elise's and give it to Carol Ann. She never uses it anyway, I'm sure she wouldn't miss it. ;)


get her this http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/14/zune-phone-en-route/

Traci DelReal

I would imagine that CarolAnn would give up a new dress for the next 100 visits to your blog, if you spring for a new ipod instead.

Erik Lindeen

I think you should buy her a Video iPod, then she can download episodes of LOST onto in and watch them whenever she wants/needs to!


Erik is now my favorite friend!!!!!!!

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