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August 16, 2006



I agree. Especially in relationships, like spouses. It requires you to know your spouse, but also to "get to know" your spouse as well. I think people, for the most part, remain passive in this area of "the art of anticipation". It's risky - what if you are wrong, presumptive? Gosh, you wouldn't want to put energy out there doing something good...you could be - gasp - wrong.....sorry, I get worked up...
J U S T G O F O R I T.
J U S T D O I T.
J U S T I N V E S T W H A T I T T A K E S.
...for gosh sakes.


well.. i was 'anticipating' this questions.. as your series is called 100 questions... and looking back in history.. i see that you had only posted 15... hmmm what would be next...

i like the post.. as i am a game theorist myself..

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