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June 02, 2006


john in texas

Way to go Paul Harvey
That is what I have seen church work become. We end up watching the tank to make sure everything is just right. We watch the PH. We make sure things are just right. As soon as we get it right and begin to work on other things something happens and the tank turns green. Then our attention is back on the tank and off the other fish.
In this Satan wins.
Our energy is focused on this person with cancer, a marital problem, interpersonal conflict and of course there is not enough(fill in the blank)
I am never more at peace and excited about ministry than when I am fishing. I am never more frustrated and done with ministry than when I'm watching the tank.
Each individual – each part of the body must make a choice to embrace the cross. No one can force them to do this. They must decide to do this daily.
Unfortunately too many parts of the body decide to only do this once. They embrace the cross for salvation but allow their selfish nature to rule their lives. To die on that cross daily and allow God to rule your life is one of the hardest things to do. Some times it seems like a daily battle to listen to God and follow Him.
We ought to desire to die on the cross daily – Phil 3:10-11
We want to do our own things and take care of our selves. In the mean time, as our selfish nature rules souls swim by.
The fish in tank need to get out of the tank, trust God, and swim in freedom.

Top of the 13th Cubs & Cards tied at 4. Go Cardinals

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