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May 15, 2006


john in texas

you are a blessed man...
to have a family that loves God...
and serves God...
there is not much more to hope for.

next time satan calls you a failure...
remember your family...
remember your God.



Thanks so much for the wonderful tribute! : ) There is a reason that I have these qualities... it's because I have you as my dad and you are the one who taught me these things! I love you and I will miss you bunches this summer!


john in texas

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What a daughter!! What a dad!! What a family!! You guys are a constant encouragement and continuous lights for Christ. We love you!


I want to be just like Robbin when I grow up, too.


I agree wholeheartedly! My life continues to blessed by each of my daughters... Robbin's courage and determination to serve God with her life inspires me often.
Thanks for this post, Rob, well said!

Carol Ann (the proud mom)

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