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January 16, 2006



Praying for you everyday, buddy. I love you.


I'm praying for you...

Sue Pelletier

Please know that I will be praying for you tomorrow at 1PM. When Dennis did a service for Mike when he chose to end his life short I will never forget what Dennis said, "He shared that even tho Mike took his life before Jesus was done with his work down here, He still welcomed him home." I will NEVER forget that. I always believed that if you took your life, you wouldn't get to heaven and when I heard that I was so relieved. My prayer is that the Lord will surround you with His angels with strength, comfort, grace and His words for you to share with her family and friends that will give them comfort.
God Bless, Rob.
Sue Pelletier

Carol Ann

Hey Babe,
God has allowed you to have the gift of providing incredible comfort to others. I know he will do the same in this situation. I will be there and I will be praying for your message of hope and comfort and of God's grace to ring true in the hearts of all who attend.
I love you,
Carol Ann

Larry Linnemeyer

Take comfort, in knowing that many people will be praying for you tomorrow as you attempt to bring comfort in a tragic situation. Take comfort, because you know that God will hear those prayers and use you as He often has. Take comfort, knowing that you and all those that will be there with you are in God's hands.
Take comfort,


When mom took her life I was the ‘strong one’ for our family. I was able to do that in large part because you walked by my side and carried me when my knees buckled under the weight. You were, and continue to be, Jesus-with-skin-on for me. I know that you will be the same for this family. I say with all confidence that there is absolutely no one better to minister to this family than you. No one.

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