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January 23, 2006



These are great words! Reading your blog stretches my thinking and challenges me to grow. Think about doing an emailing (weekly? monthly?) with your thoughts. It would be a blessing to many!

Thanks for being such a great friend! I love you.


Rob, very cool stuff here. I once heard Ed Young say "You have eyes to plagerize". I thought that was pretty cool. He also said that it's even better when churches take their ideas and stretch them to fit the ministries of their churches.

I agree and believe that there does need to be more creativity in churches. It's healthy, and being part of a growing church where we're still at around 400, it's ok to "plagerize" ideas and use them due to the lack of resources.

You made some great points about the criticism too. Just a bunch of wasted time when people pick apart ministries that are successful.

Great post and great blog! Thanks for being a part of mine!


You're a great leader, Rob!

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