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November 15, 2005


Shawn Wells

See below my needs:

My top ten needs:
Shawn needs no introduction
Shawn needs a family where he can be well supervised
Shawn needs our help
Shawn needs to listen to Belle for a change and not Jan - not sure who Belle is?
Shawn needs to serve some jail time for his drinking/driving arrest among other things - this is a new one for me
Shawn needs sleep … badly
Shawn needs a haircut and an attitude adjustment, regardless of his memory loss - maybe the attitude, but certainly not the hair :)
Shawn needs some relief

A few interesting others, outside my top ten:
Shawn needs a shot at a cloak of flames a lot more than I do
Shawn needs to make a huge deal about the maintenance man coming in the apartment without approval
Shawn needs to have his own fun and makes an effort to visit the graveyard
Shawn needs a reason to want to wear spandex - how did they know :)
Shawn needs bigger woofers
Shawn needs your prayers

Carol Ann

I tried "Carol Ann", but she was an author and all her needs were about books and were boring..."Carol" was more interesting. Who knew I needed all this!

1. CAROL Needs Assessment Information Request. (Yep!)

2. Yet that’s the stuff Carol needs to do her job (Hmmm.)

3. Carol needs to be grounded in some very basic things. (Hey now....)

4. Therefore, Carol needs to be developed for future advancement and should seek
mentoring from Louise. (I love Louise! Who is she again?)

5. Carol needs to shut up and let Chad explain! (Okay, okay!)

6. Carol needs the NFBF tax number. (Boy do I ever!)

7. Carol needs to plant a further 250 olive trees (Is that okay, Rob? Sounds like our decisions for summer landscaping has been made!)

8. Now Carol needs our continued help! (Exactly!)

9. We need Carol to be our Mayor. (You know how much I love politics!)

10. Carol Has Needs (Just ask Rob)

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