My Fun Loving Family: I am a man living in a houseful of girls and to top it off we have three female dogs! I am husband to Carol Ann, who grew up in Bolivia as a missionary kid, and loves ministry as much as I do. I am father to three amazing daughters!
I get a kick out of:

* Reading (non-fiction, to my wife's dismay) books - I'm currently on track to try and read 1 book about each of the United States Presidents.
* Writing - rumor has it that I might someday write a book.
* Sports – pretty much all of them, although I give soccer fanatics a hard time in my messages once in a while.
* Running - I have run two marathons and hope to qualify for Boston someday!
* Music – pretty much anything but Rap. My iPod is loaded up with around 5000 songs.
* Ice-cream - I have ice-cream almost every day.
* Statistics and numbers. As a kid I had volumes of sports stats that I would keep and review and use when I would imitate the great sportscasters of the 70's! My wife had better never let the taped evidence of those moments get out to the general public!

In The Beginning: God has provided incredible opportunity to serve Him since I committed to following His direction into full time ministry many years ago at a high school church camp. I am most passionate about teaching and leading in a way that helps others live out their part of God’s story. Diving in to God's word and discovering how best to unpack God's truths for others is an ongoing challenge and joy. God is faithful and I know that He has great things for this church and each individual to accomplish all for His purpose and His glory. The strength in the journey is being able to share it together and celebrate the victories and lend support during the trials. I will forever be thankful that God called me into full-time ministry for Him.

Ministry Passions: Getting deep into God's word, helping others discover their passion and how they can use their passion to serve the Lord, teaching His word, praying with others, bringing God's hope to the hopeless.

I am not: An extrovert. always patient. an accomplished musician. a great cook. a skilled carpenter, plumber, or mechanic. fond of soccer (my wife doesn't like that)